Arznei- und Gewürzpflanzen Forschungs- und Saatzucht GmbH


We standardize the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants to secure supply chains of plant raw material for our clients. We optimize active plant ingredients by breeding and research to achieve sustainable production of plant raw materials.


We are seeking for creative and practical solutions to improve the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants with standardized active ingredients by using cutting edge technology in laboratory and field.


We identify the best germplasm, develop material through breeding, produce seeds and cuttings thereof. We develop sustainable plant cultivation protocols and we produce fresh plant material for phytotherapies.


Producers of phytopharmaceutical or homeopathic remedies, food, feed as well as cosmetic industries and academic institutions.


We are committed to resource-preserving cultivation, protection of biodiversity and environment, security of supply chains and standardization of raw material.

Area under cultivation

5,6 ha

Average sunshine duration

1680 h

R&D experience

> 90 years 

Number of plant species in cultivation



Our longstanding expertise in breeding has resulted in various registered plant varieties. We optimize yield with modern and robust methods. We are selecting the most promising genetics on the basis of broad and precise field tests.

Diverse methods ranging from micropropagation to embryo rescue are established in our laboratory. Our growth chambers and breeding rooms provide optimal and controlled conditions for any germplasm.

Realistic plant management strategies are tested in greenhouse and outdoor trials. We research any challenges in the production of medicinal and aromatic plants, from optimizing seed germination to energy efficient drying of plant matter.

Fresh plant production 

We cultivate a large number of different plant species for the production of fresh plant matter for our clients from the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries as well as homeopathy. Also, fresh plants to be used as spices or teas are produced in our fields. Aligned with the wishes of our clients we develop raw materials of the highest quality.




On 5,6 ha arable land we perform experimental field trials and plant production. We use special machinery, adapted to the small size of our plots, for soil management, plant protection and harvesting.


For the maintenance and improvement of valuable germplasm we make use of our own in-vitro laboratory. Under sterile conditions we germinate seeds and propagate cuttings.


Our greenhouse is equipped with additional light sources permitting experiments independent of seasonal environmental changes. We use our phytotron to optimize light and temperature conditions for the application in speed breeding or vertical farming.

Our story

In 1927, Pharmaplant was founded at a natural brine in Artern, Thuringia. The saline water of the brine provided a niche for Artemisia maritima, sea wormwood, to grow and thrive. Pharmaplant made use of the naturally saline soils and begun to study and cultivate this, in Germany rare but important, medicinal plant.

Over the years, more and more species were added to the portfolio and in the beginning of the 1960s a laboratory for in vitro culture and to analyze plant metabolites was established. In 1992, Pharmaplant, formerly a state-owned institution, was privatized.

In 2010, Pharmaplant became a member of the nature network, a fourth generation, family-owned group of companies, all sharing the same passion for high quality botanicals.